Friday, July 4, 2008

Time Bandits

Okay, who made off with May and June? We can't possibly already be halfway to Christmas, can we? Surely I'm not the only one feeling the rush of air as the days, weeks, MONTHS go rushing by (I know, don't call me surely)...

Well, I have been busy. I received my invitation to Ravelry in late April, and have spent more time there than I would like to admit. It's scary to contemplate just how much yarn has already been cataloged from my stash, especially when considering how much more there is to be entered. Just how many socks worth of sock yarn do I own, anyway? I'm not sure I really want to know.

There has been actual knitting occurring, with multiple FO's to report. The red vest for Warm Woolies that I was working on in my last post has been finished, along with another one in the same yarns with the colors reversed (pictures to be posted soon). I've also started making afghan squares again, and am determined to get a boxful mailed to Close Knit Hugs by the end of July. The most exciting 1/2 FO, though, is my very first sock knit using sock-weight yarn and US#0 needles (otherwise known as dental floss and toothpicks).

(Charlie Cat added for scale - LOL)
I can't wait to start on the second sock, which will be intentionally fraternal. No obsessive stripe matching for me!

It's WAY late, or REALLY early, depending on your point of view, so I'm off to bed now.


StarSpry said...

Your sock looks great!!

Bev said...

great sock! -- can't wait to see the fraternal one!!!

(just keep knitting, knitting....)

Bev said...

nice new floral heading! Are those from your garden?