Friday, April 18, 2008

Tax Rant and Progress Report

Did y'all see the flare I sent up on Tuesday, when the $#@&* TaxCut program finally let my e-file my returns? They were done Monday afternoon, but every time I ran the "review and check for errors," it came back telling me the payer address from DH's 1099-R was incomplete. Never mind that I typed it exactly as it appeared on the form. Never mind that when I entered the exact same info into the TaxCut program last year, it accepted it with no problem. It insisted that it was an error, and if you choose to ignore said "error" instead of fixing it, the program won't allow you to e-file. Arrrggghhhhh! After deleting and reentering the info numerous times, I had DH take a look at it. He also deleted and reentered it a few times, but then apparently said some sort of mystical incantation over the computer to get it to accept the info. Of course, then it came up with another error, for which he also deleted and reentered the appropriate info, successfully, this time. And there was much rejoicing in the least for the success of the e-filing, if not for the payment to the IRS.

As you can see from this picture, progress has been made on the Warm Woolies vest. I
am just starting on the garter stitch borders for the armholes, after which I will be binding off those sections and working the back and front separately.

And here is the sock-in-progress, just about ready to start the heel flap. You can also see the ever present Ballband Dishcloth, being held down by Tigger's butt.

In health news, I am pleased to report that DH's shoulder has been less and less painful as the post-surgery days have gone by. Yesterday, he even said that it was (dare I say it?) pain free! The still-stitched incisions are apparently itching like crazy, but that will be taken care of next week at his post-op doctor visit.

Well, I'd better get back to it...

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Bev said...

ooooo, lovely RED vest -- looks great!!

nice progress on socks too -- the yarn is making a great pattern!

don't you just love doing taxes?! ACK!! consider that you are now done for another year -- JOY!!