Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Of Moebius and Migraine

Oh, yeah, and that Saturday sky thing; notice much difference between this pic and the shot from my last post? The more things change, the more they stay the same, at least as far as the weather is concerned.

Had my first Magical Moebius class on the 27th; we're doing the hat from Cat Bordhi's "A Treasury of Magical Knitting" to start, then we'll each pick what other project we want to do. I've only gotten as far as the beginning of the crown, which is what I completed in class (see semi-crappy picture). All knitting, as well as pretty much everything else in life, came to a screeching halt Sunday morning when I woke up with a magnificent migraine, complete with up-chucking (TMI?). Missed singing at church (obviously), and spent all day Sunday and part of Monday in bed. Way to get the work done, Woo Hoo! Finally felt halfway decent yesterday, so we were able to go up to my folks' house to finally exchange Christmas gifts. Now, if the weather and everyone's schedule will cooperate, we might be able to get down to the Springs to do the present thing with Bev and Nick. Hope springs eternal...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Oh, look, another gray Saturday; at least it isn't snowing (yet)! Just the kind of day to make a pot of soup and do some baking to help warm the house. Why is it that the same temperature inside feels colder when it's cold outside? Inquiring minds want to know! Anyway, think I'll put a chicken in the oven in preparation for soup making, and maybe get some navy beans soaking, too. I would probably be happy having soup for supper every night when it's cold, especially with some fresh baked bread - yum!

We had an intruder alert this morning. Our cats are strictly indoors, but our neighbors to the east let their cat wander free. Said cat seems to enjoy coming over to our deck and harassing our cats through the sliding glass door, which especially upsets Tigger. There was much fur raising, tail lashing and caterwauling for several minutes until she apparently got bored and moved on. Such a fuss!

Don't you just love the expression on Tigger's face!?!
Well, back to the grindstone...onward!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Paralysis of Perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. This is not exactly a news flash to my immediate family or probably even close friends. Now, a modicum of perfectionism (if there is such a thing) is not necessarily a bad thing. But when "anything worth doing, is worth doing well" becomes "if it can't be done perfectly, there's no sense in doing it at all," then life can be quite difficult. Case in point: I haven't posted anything to this blog in almost seven weeks. The reason, actually reasons? I can't get my pictures in the post the way I want them, I can't think of a good title for the post, I don't have any good pictures to post, I don't have anything "witty" to say, etc., etc. I think you get the idea. So I've decided to do something I don't normally do; I'm going to make a couple of New Year's resolutions, even though we're already well into the new year. First, I'm going to start posting on a regular basis, even if my posts aren't "perfect." Second, I'll be working on taming the perfection monster in other areas of my life, as well. Remember, you heard it here first. LOL