Friday, March 18, 2011

Of Snow and Slippers

Yesterday, Denver tied the record high temperature for the date, 74 degrees (F). Today's high was 62 degrees. Tonight, it looks like this:

Yes, those are big, fat snowflakes. What is that old adage, "If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes," or something to that effect? And it is supposed to be back up to 51 degrees tomorrow.

In my last post, I reported on the current knitting projects. The slogging continues on the a4A sweater. The red Cotton-Ease swatch is napping right now, while I concentrate on crocheting more slippers, this time for the Pink Slipper Project.
(The last twelve pairs were sent to Cheyenne River.) Seven and a half pairs are completed so far. I need to find an appropriate box to pack them in, and keep making them until the box is full. That seems to make more sense than trying to find the perfect size box for a certain number of pairs. As soon as I figure out how to make a photo collage in Picasa, I'll post pictures of the completed slippers.