Thursday, February 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Daffodil shoots are poking through the mulch; winter won't last forever! Actually, the weather has been very agreeable the last two weeks. Any winter day that doesn't involve shoveling snow is a good day!

Well, since this is, in part, rumored to be a knitting blog, I guess I should report what's on the needles. The current big project is a sweater for afghans for Afghans. The deadline I was hoping to meet has come and gone, but part 2 of the youth campaign isn't due until late April. Surely I can knit two sleeves in two months. (I know, don't call me Shirley.) Probably the biggest impediment to completion is the bulkiness involved, since the sweater is seamless. It's become a bit of a pain to carry around, so I usually only work on it at home.

The other project OTN is a gianormous Cotton-Ease swatch. I've always liked Cotton-Ease, but the colors that have been available locally since its reintroduction have been rather uninspiring (pastel earth tones - REALLY?). But the last time I was at Michaels, I spotted, way down on the bottom row, skeins of Cotton-Ease in "Cherry," a "deep, bold red" according to the Lion Brand website. So I used my handy dandy coupon to purchase one skein to try. Using my Denise needles, since that's what I would be using to knit a sweater from the stuff, I cast on 30 stitches on a US#9. After a few rows of garter stitch for curl prevention, I continued in stockinette for about 4 1/2 inches. Then I switched to US#8 tips, did another garter ridge, stockinette for 4 1/2 inches, lather, rinse, repeat down to US#5. The next half of the swatch will be reversing the needle size order, while knitting in the round. When that's done, I will check and record my gauge on all of the sections, then wash and dry the swatch exactly the way I plan to launder the garment. Finally, after removing it from the dryer, I'll recheck my gauge and see how the knitted fabric fared in the laundry. If, after all that, I like what I see, it will be time to choose a pattern and find a good price on the yarn.

Next time, I'll talk about what's on my hooks these days; you won't want to miss it! 8-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Day Dawning

Now, don't get too excited, it's only one picture and not much text. But at least it is finally a post! (I hope my faithful reader doesn't keel over in shock!)

We enjoyed this beautiful sunrise this morning, and gorgeous weather all day. Tomorrow is forecast to be even warmer, and it's supposed to be close to 70 degrees (Farenheit) on Wednesday. I'm sure glad I live in Colorado!

More later, honest.