Wednesday, November 7, 2007

History Making Event

I swatched for the Formal Boot Bag in Bag Style last night, and made gauge right out of the gate. This is definitely a first; I usually have to go up one needle size, and even then, I rarely get both stitch and row gauge at the same time. So, after picking my jaw up off the floor, I proceeded to cast on. The bottom is finished, and I'm five rounds up the side, woohoo! I also had a money saving idea as I was once again perusing the book. I'm already planning on making the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag next, and have purchased the handle needles for it with my 40% off coupon on Michael's. But if I want to make a second (or more) bag from that pattern, I plan to purchase a hardwood dowel rod in the correct diameter (10 mm) and finish the (unpointed) ends with wooden beads (or glass, if I can figure out how to best attach them). Have I mentioned how much I like this book?


Bev said...

A good epoxy will work when dealing with attaching glass to wood....hope that helps

Can't wait to see these projects!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that Malabrigo is still available! I can mail it to you tomorrow. Please e-mail me your mailing address to doxyluvr2 at

Thank you :)
Nachaele Olson