Thursday, November 9, 2006

Sad Day

Today we had to have our dog put down. Kaitu was about a year old when my husband got him "at a discount" from a Malamute breeder. Kaitu was injured as a young puppy when his mother picked him up incorrectly by his head. As a result, he was brain damaged. We often called him "dumber than a box of rocks," but he was the sweetest dog you could imagine. We had more than eleven wonderful years with him, a fairly long life for a dog his size. But now he's no longer in pain, and he's crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with Sitka again, where they both can run and play freely while they wait for us.
Rest in peace, Kaitu; you will be greatly missed and loved always.


Bev said...

We're crying with you.....under that catagory of "been there, done that" and we know about the big hole it leaves in your heart.

Perhaps we can do a "double box" for them both with pictures, tags, etc. Let me know when you are ready.


Dorothy said...

Sitka, Toto and Kaitu are all running and jumping and having a great time without us. (And probably bugging Olivar out of his mind.)

It just sucks having to say goodbye to a family member.