Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Saturday Sky and Tuesday snow

Hurray, Blogger is working again! Here on the left is my Saturday Sky; you can see just how gloomy it was. I don't even know whether it was as cold as it looked, since I never left the house that day.

I can tell you, though, that it's certainly as cold as it looks in this picture (above right). Today was our first snow of the season, which will hopefully melt ASAP. I love to watch the snow fall, I just don't want to deal with its removal, or have to drive in it with the fools who don't know how!

This is where I am on DH's scarf. I'm holding a strand of Muskoka worsted in "Berry Red" with a strand of Regia Jacquard sock yarn in the "Eskimo" (of course, LOL) colorway to give it faint stripes. The pattern is My So-Called Scarf. Both of these yarns, I'm proud to say, are from my stash - four balls down, 19 gazillion to go!

Last, but most definitely not least, is this promised presentation of kitty cuteness. This is Charlie, our youngest cat (he's only 3), looking up at me as if to say, "What do you mean, this is the dog's spare water bowl? It's obviously been placed here for me to use as a bed! See how nicely it fits me? And am I not the cutest thing you've ever seen?"


Dorothy said...

That kitty sure does have lots of personality.

Bev said...

Aw, and isn't he cute...Mr "it can't be THIS cat that's in things!" HA HA!! He does take a lovely picture however.

Nice work on the scarf too!

dragon knitter said...

you're on about the salsa. send me your addy, and i'll plop it in the mail!